Wednesday, March 25, 2015

#SoL15 Day 25: unplanned movie binge

Image result for moviesI'm not sure why except not being in the mood for anything productive and down, in need of distraction ~ not to mention escape. I started out with watching The Razor's Edge (1946) again (last time was around 1961) and was going to let it go at that and be productive, get to work, but ended up watching The Sleeping Car Murders (1965), The Ruling Class (1972) and Father Brown The Detective (1954).  A strong personal activist thread runs through most of them ~  individual resistance to group-think as well. 

I picked The Sleeping Car Murders for Yves Montand but saw right off that it was also Costa Gavros' first film. Talk about bend some genres. His superb Z is also free online, but, last I looked, Missing is not. That is the one  to watch now, during Caravana 43

Alec Guiness was not the original Father Brown ~ character actor Walter Connolly was Father Brown in the 1934 original based on the Chesterton short story, "The Blue Cross," that this one remakes. In this version, young Peter Finch was the master art thief pursued by Father Brown (for stealing a cross from his parish church). He was after the thief's soul as well as the cross ~ and saved him (from the authorities as well as from himself). From "Father Brown on film and TV":
Father Brown has been adapted to film and TV many times, and he hasn’t always maintained his English origins, much less his canonical appearance. Italians have recast him as an Italian, American have made him American, and just to mix things up a little, the Germans have made him Irish!
I'm not through yet either.. I'll come back and tell you  more about them later, when I finishing the binge. Next up: O'Toole and Burton in Beckett 

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  1. I love your opening line and am envious of you realizing you needed a distraction. I've never done a movie binge - that might be a great rainy day idea.