Sunday, March 5, 2017

almost #silentsunday for #sol17 + new slicer shout out

The view from my porch at the #Manor, as filtered through (or dreamed by) Google Deep Dream generator's AI software.

A wild Google Deep Dream rendition -- beyond level 4
"Deep Dream is computer program that locates and alters patterns that it identifies in digital pictures. Then it serves up those radically tweaked images for human eyes to see. The results veer from silly to artistic to nightmarish, depending on the input data and the specific parameters set by Google employees' guidance."

And now for an overdue shout out to the New Slicers I've been following, reading and hanging out with as a Welcome Wagon Volunteer. Check out their blogs. Read and comment on their #sol17 slices. Visit their twitter streams too: @KincerLisa, @LaurenPetri2, @mhanisch1, @liz_pru, @thelogonauts, @hays_shawn


  1. Wow, Vanessa. I love this "dream." I'm anxious to check out Google's Deep Dream Generator and see what else it does. Thank you for sharing it. An almost silent day speaks volumes when you use an image.

    Thanks too for welcoming others, including me, as you have commented on some of my posts as well. It's really appreciated!

    Thank you,

    1. I think I used "Deep Style" for this one. Deep Dream is less dramatic and includes art filters. You can alter an image in one and then send it through another. The AI is what makes it different from filters -- less that sure exactly how though

  2. There is something really spooky about this for me, whoa ...

    Thanks for the welcome and the shout-outs!

    1. It's progressive -- with one trip through, there are just hints of odding -- and extra eyeballs in odd places. Each trip deeper -- sending the altered image back through -- gets weirder.