Friday, March 17, 2017

#sol17 Day 17: Internet Forbidden

I will stay off the internet and not use my laptop today

Back from surgery but banned from reading and the internet for the day. This is a compromise. Back to compliance. More tomorrow, until then:

no laptop, notebook, cell phone or pc. No internet

The March 2017 Slice of Life blogging challenge, hosted by Two Writing Teachers, is now in year twelve. New and returning slicers blog a post a day throughout March, a post. We read each others' posts and engage in extended written conversations commenting on them. If you missed this year, there's always next year. Until then, slice with TWT weekly on Tuesdays. 


  1. Banned from reading? And the internet? I am curious as to why. Was it eye surgery? I hope you're doing well regardless of why!

    1. Cataract surgery --- the post was too telegraphic. My bad but I was trying to get a post up as quickly as possible since I wasn't supposed to be online at all -- and late because I was waiting for my grown daughter to leave before going online.

      Yes, cataract surgery went well -- already enjoying effects. Although yesterday was the only off-limits day, I've been advised to go easy on bright light, computer monitor time and other eye straining activities for a week.