Thursday, March 23, 2017

#YumaCO meeings…#sol17 Day 23/31

@ColoradoTrust Community Partnership meeting 6-9 pm tonight means the second early slice in a row because I can't be sure of being back in time to write and post. The formula is: evening meeting earlier than usual daily post rather than none..  

PS (aside to readers new to the SoL series) "slicing" = writing slice of life blog post for SOLSC, a blogging challenge...more below.

I just posted here about yesterday's meeting at the Community Center with Pedersen Planning about the Yuma Municipal Plan at Life in the Manor, on Facebook (check the left sidebar on the blog too).

Could enough evening meetings be "cure" for late night slicing? Are pantsing (seat of the pants blogging) and late night slicing ailments in need of remedy, as the word "cure"suggests?

IMO the real writing lesson here is flexibility: have writing preferences and rituals but be ready and able to write when you need to.

2017 is the tenth year aka #sol17 of the Slice of Life Story Challenge (SOLSC) hosted by Two Writing Teachers (TWT). Slicers write and post a "slice of life" story before the 11:59 ET deadline every day during the long month of March. The rest of the year, "slicers" write and post  Tuesday slices. In between (and during) challenges, TWT regularly posts articles on writing and teaching.

PS During the month of March, a TWT slice icon is at the top of my blog sidebar but not always in the footer. As in life, I like variety in my slice icons 

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