Sunday, March 26, 2017

#SilentSunday: storm over the Colorado High Plains #sol17

…just so you understand, this is #SilentSunday my way…found pictures not ones I have taken. The only camera I have is the webcam on my laptop. But this sky I have seen.

LP supercell over the high plains of northeast Colorado. Stormdude Photo © Dave Chapman

Stormdude quotes Walt Whitman,
“Now I re-examine philosophies and religions, they may prove well in lecture-rooms, yet not prove at all under the spacious clouds, and along the landscape and flowing currents. 
“The Soul travels; The body does not travel as much as the soul; The body has just as great a work as the soul, and parts away at last for the journeys of the soul.”  - Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

wandering the great plains in search of supercells

    2017 is the tenth year aka #sol17 of the Slice of Life Story Challenge (SOLSC) hosted by Two Writing Teachers (TWT). Slicers write and post a "slice of life" before the 11:59 ET deadline every day during the long month of March. The rest of the year, "slicers" write and post Tuesday slices. In between (and during) challenges, TWT features regular articles on writing and teaching.

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    Now read how the others sliced it up their Sunday on day 26 of the 10th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge


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      1. "Coloradp" image searches turn up mostly mountains, which doesn't help much when I want plains images. "Northeast Colorado" is better but "High Plains Colorado" brings up a wealth of sky pics. So I guess skies and storms are to NE Colorado iconography what mountains are to the western

    2. Powerful clouds all alone by themselves are so fascinating to me.

      1. we start cloud fascination young -- looking at them and imagining shapes. in their own way, storm chasers are cloud chasers and take it to the extreme.

    3. What a picture! Thank you for sharing.

      1. Thanks, the Stormdude site is a real find ~ I suspect I'll be sharing regularly on my Yuma community Facebook page too

    4. Looking at the image alongside your declaration of silence reminds me of my place, small as it is, on this earth. I hope we and those we elect have the wisdom to honor both silence and earth.