Wednesday, March 29, 2017

endgame conversations…#sol17 Day 29/31

Image result for guerrilla gardeningbut first another confession. At the start of the month, I confessed to being a dilatory slicer and not having completed a March challenge. With completion just around the corner, I confess that I'm not a K12 educator, although I have decades of teaching (swimming, riding, GED, ESL, college composition, literature and Spanish) under my belt. Now retired, I read, research and blog about education (among other topics), and, recently have taken to describing myself as a "guerrilla educator." The edu-equivalent of guerrilla gardening...

Now about those other blogs, conversations and different areas of interest that I mentioned yesterday ~ those (each with a Facebook and Twitter counterpart) include precarious faculty (with Precarity Dispatches and other supplementary Tumblers), Mountainair Online (plus eponymous Facebook page), and Miscellaneous Arts, among others. Accounts on Diigo (fed by OneTab topic collection permalinks), and InoReader are integral components of a custom information/curation network to feed blogs and social media.

Somewhere along the way, I lost my personal blogging/writing voice but kept on going, mostly on social media, as "informationist," curator and online social justice activist. I know what happened to my voice -- long story I'll eventually get around to telling -- and that I used curation as a denial strategy.

It's time to integrate them (one at a time) folding in the interest areas as I go -- more tapestry than field of silos. I didn't get to specific interest areas. Maybe (again) tomorrow, with an embedded a topic area html clip to boot. Here's a sneak peek at the Art folder as a digital magazine.

2017 is the tenth year of the Slice of Life Story Challenge (SOLSC) hosted by Two Writing Teachers (TWT). Challenge participants, aka "slicers," write and post a "slice of life" every day during March. 

Now read for yourself how Day 29 sliced...


  1. Oh, my, no wonder you are so busy! I want to keep following to learn more about what you mean by a guerrilla educator. Maybe that's what I am and don't know it yet! I did enjoy reading about guerrilla gardening.

    Here's to weaving a tapestry in your online writing life,

    1. YIKES so late replying -- thanks Denise. I was calling myself "stealth educator" because even retired I was still always looking to inform. Besides, people ask what you do -- that is your identity -- and academics, even temp ones, are especially stuck on identity by rank, discipline, and affiliations. I decided that as an independent, I could name myself.

      I'm trying out "guerrilla educationist" now....sometimes informationist.

  2. We actually had our kids do a guerrilla gardening activity last year - DIY seed bombs!