Sunday, March 19, 2017

SOLSC bloggers do St Patrick's Day: #sol17 Day 19

Mosaic mural, Setanta or Tain Wall, by Desmond Kinney, Dublin IE

This collection of St Patrick's Day blog posts started with Katie's post on The Logonauts, a name James Joyce could have come up with and most certainly would have approved of. My comment went over the top on digression, barely mentioning St Patrick.

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Saint Patrick, stained glass window
Saint Benin's Church, Ireland
I referenced the Irish epic Táin Bó CúailngeHow the Irish Saved Western Civilization and a mosaic mural (above).

Later TWT recommended visiting St Patrick's Day posts on the #sol17 Day 17 page. I wanted to read more blog posts as a counterpoint to curating Irish and Celtic history and culture links. Passing on the commenting challenge, I decided to collect as many St Patrick's Day posts as I could find, post them for other slicers to visit.

And I'm not even Irish...

...and for dessert, Green Velvet cake discovered browsing St Patrick's Day images. Unable to decide among leprechauns, shamrocks, parades or green beer, how could I resist this?


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    1. the more fun -- and cake -- the better

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    1. You know I was thinking of you when I saw that cake. I had already published the post but went back and added the cake.