Saturday, March 4, 2017

on procrastination & the blogger #sol17 Day 4

After posting all three slices so far at 11:58 pm EST on their respective days, procrastination has been on my mind. I'm probably not alone. I may not make it through the month writing and posting at the last minute. So I'm working on that while trying to understand the underlying why.

Progress: although I could should/ maybe could have posted earlier, I just knocked half an hour off my usual time. That's a start. 


Of course I searched, saved, tagged and bookmarked. Self-help "how to stop procrastinating" articles are predictable. The boredom of reading them sent me back to the keyboard. Intended result if not means. The collection is not without gems.

4 Healthy Ways to Procrastinate. Yes, You Read That Right ~ consider "controlled procrastination." If you can't kick it, manage it. Schedule procrastination time, use it to get out and move around, think, plan, build your network, make lists. In a similar vein, Why I taught myself to procrastinate (New York Times) offers the condition as part of the proces and an antidote to "pre-crastination."

Presumably some of Psychology Today's many articles on procrastination will be worth the read and could bring up something new not been repeated in every other. Procrastination, there are even apps for dealing with it. That there are apps and so many articles yet still so much procrastination suggests that the habit (or whatever it is) resembles doomed resolutions to lose weight, get fit, achieve zero inbox, etc

Higher end, main stream media did better: not just the NY Times piece but also how to break the "loop of doom," and the bad news that isn't really news, writers are the worst procrastinators (both from The Atlantic). I just turned up a batch more but postponing the post to use them would be... procrastination. Pass on that...

Going by The Logonauts' Day 3 post, #SOL17 On Projects and Procrastination, and comments in the SOLSC community, my money is on SOLSC posts and community as our richest source on managing (and harnessing) procrastination. Consciously articulated or not, that's why some of us are here.


  1. Awesome! I love that you procrastinated on a post of procrastination resources. Pitch perfect.

    As for writing, my husband prefers the quote "Writing is easy: All you do is sit staring at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead." - Gene Fowler

    1. Thank you -- immersing myself in procrastination -- actual and theoretical -- I'm coming to think of and accept it as a natural part of the writing process. Otherwise, we're just content sausage makers. A writing block is the only way to avoid it -- imo related issues.

      I've come across more than a few "Writing is..." quotes involving blood or other suffering.