Monday, March 27, 2017

blogging after #sol17 Day 27/31

another late night slice. As usual, I had some notion earlier on what to write about but no longer remember what that was. Also as all too usual, I'm not quite sure where the day went. Maybe my lost topic is in there somewhere...I'll take a look. If an idea for suitable image comes to me along the way, I'll look for that too.

Two in particular come to mind: whither blogging after #sol17 and navigating chaos

...aka information wrangling (which includes putting it to work). With two working eyes at my disposal, I've been trying to catch up with correspondence, curation, social media and other writing. It's hard to think about the former while whacking my way through through the overgrowth of the latter. You'd think that being retired, I'd have all the time for whatever and then some, but that's not the way it works.

Today I posted to two academic labor/advocacy pages, two different Facebook community pages (Yuma Colorado and Mountainair NM) as well as to my timeline (personal space, my digital sala de estar) where friends and family drop by, and wrote for myself on 750 Words -- in addition to this ramble. After posting this to the Day 27, I'm off to read and comment -- not just #sol17 ones, as well as check five twitter streams and at least as many topics

This is where whither and how meet up -- or collide. How do I effectively keep on/up with what I care most about and most interests me -- an ever changing, curiosity driven flow that moves around a number of fixed constants.

My quest is for a pattern that lets me connect them, hold changing streams and constants together.

citrus fruit slices on a light table, USDA
photo by Scott Bauer [CC 2.0]
#sol17 marks the 10th year the Slice of Life Story Challenge (SOLSC) hosted by Two Writing Teachers (TWT). Slicers write and post a "slice of life" on deadline every day during March. The rest of the year, "slicers" can ontinue the challenge writing and posting Tuesday slices. In between (and during) challenges, TWT features regular articles on writing and teaching.

During the month of March, a TWT slice icon tops my blog sidebar and usually another, sometimes unofficial one here -- tonight, the thumbnail of a USDA photo of citrus fruit slices on a Light table...because they are slices and I like the picture

Now read how the others sliced it up their Sunday on day 27 of the 10th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge


  1. I've just been reading lots of your recent posts. I was sorely unable to keep up with the challenge this March, although so far I have managed to do it every day. I hope I can make the last two. I have not however, managed to read and respond to as many blogs as I hoped. (I hope your cataract surgery went well last week, by the way.)

    Your life is full, even though retired. I know from the experience I have with weeks off at a time around holidays and summers. I am literally never bored and always busy. With all your justice and advocacy work, no doubt you have a fulltime career again!

    Keep up the great work!


  2. Love that even though you are retired you are still writing a lot! As for your question about how to keep it going and stay sane: it will be important for you to figure out what's worthwhile for you and what you can let go of. Of course, only you can answer that! Good luck!