Thursday, March 16, 2017

#eyes again #sol17 Day 16

Tomorrow is the day. Cataract be gone. Another eye exam and dilation this afternoon. More eye drops. 

For the occasion, I offer “Eyes Like Stars” radiology art inspired, of course, by Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Rochester radiology resident Katia Kaplan-List transforms MR and CT images of eye globes into stars and the moon, slices of brain MR images into the hills in the foreground. More about radiology art and Re-imagined medical jmages here.

Good eye on the clock, I write, two finger typing, while having a phone conversation about books, coffee, andouille, vision, adaptive technology, pattern recognition and processing, and more.

Yet another day for this Late Night Slicer embracing her inner owl to be more Pantser than Planner 

Welcome to the SoL writing Community and Day 16 of the March 2017 Slice of Life blogging challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers. Slicers write all through March, a post a day, every day of the month. As important as writing blog posts, we read and comment on each others' posts -- share them too. The rest of the year, Tuesdays are for slicing. Follow the #sol17 tag on Twitter


  1. thinkin' boutcha my friend :)

    1. Jude -- went well, humongous cataract on right -- finally able to do something about. Back online but taking it easy, especially on monitor time, for the first week: right now I've got curtains mostly drawn and the right lens on my glasses most of the time online. Everything is brighter -- I'll be reading more again (missed that more) and just think how much better art will look