Tuesday, March 14, 2017

more walking #sol17 Day 14

Walking has dominated my recent slices. That's natural since Some walk for health and fitness, others for causes. I walk to get places. Walking as transportation is increasingly less common. Walking -- without the distraction of a smart phone -- is also good for thinking and taking in your surroundings. 

I have a walking staff, a cart, a folding camp stool, a lightweight backpack, and an umbrella with UV blocking lining. Needless to say, I don't use all of them at the same time. I also collect resources and articles about walking and found a few more just writing this post.
Why Walking Helps Us Think  
The Crisis in American Walking: How we got off the pedestrian path 
What I most want next is a camera to take pictures on my walks. 

Lately, I am also walking for my eyes, to the hospital for cataract pre-op surgery, to the eye doctor for a final scan, to the pharmacy (the longest walk) for prescription eye drops, day after tomorrow to the eye doc for a final check in, and, finally, to the hospital Friday morning. 

Tomorrow, I'm taking the day off from walking --  and will try to write about something else. 

PS Welcome to the March 2017 Slice of Life blogging challenge, hosted by Two Writing Teachers. Slicers blog daily through March, a post a day, every day of the month. We read each others' posts and engage in extended written conversations commenting on them. If you missed this year's challenge, there's always next year. Until then, you can slice weekly on Tuesdays with TWT. 

Write a slice; have a slice; share a slice. Happy pi day


  1. all will go well dear friend. And, when you can see better, reward yourself with a camera. It will be wonderful!!

    1. I intend to -- besides all the big trees, I've found murals that I can't find pictures for -- and a pickup truck in a tree for a tree house

  2. I love photowalks! Definitely appreciate that having my phone on me makes it less necessary to lug around my big DSLR (except for special occasions).

    1. I may be one of the few heavy online users who does not have a cell phone. Besides the added expense on a fixed income, I'm not sure I want to be tethered to one when I'm out. The prospect of photowalks is changing my mind. I can't use just any digital camera with a Chromebook either. The phone would be easier,