Sunday, March 11, 2018

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Daylight Saving Time means a day or two, maybe even a week if I'm lucky, of not waking up too early -- that's what I call 5 am, especially when I can't get back to sleep. Still morning as I start writing, too early for late slicing owls unless thinking counts as planning. Call it mental free-writing. Writing down random thoughts as they occur could/should bypass/forestall the continual forgetting of ideas that come early but disappear by the time I am ready (or remember) to blog them. My plan is to set up footer, write those random thoughts, add image and, when the deadline looms, blog whatever I have.

I need something resembling a plan because a crackdown down on deadline flouters may be underway. I recall this being about the time of the month for it, when gently hints, reminders and finally warnings continue to fail. As an unrepentant late night slicer, my compliance will be grudging and in letter only. Closing comments at midnight is the only sure way to enforce the deadline. Here are some reasons why meeting today's deadline will be more challenging than usual:

Sunday acrostic

Schedules are especially abhorrent on Sunday, a day off -- not a working day.

Until someone actually closes comments for the day's page at midnightespec, I will continue to post within 1-2 minutes of the 11:59 pm Eastern time (which dammit should be at least all the way up to midnight, and in a spirit of flexible generosity, ought to be 5 minutes). 

Never deny who or how you are, especially not if you are retired and know it can't cost you your job. Resist efforts to "reform" you, bring you around to more "appropriate" behavior. 

Daylight Savings Time stole an hour when it started at 2 am, also designated by F. Scott Fitzgerald as the hour of the "dark night of the soul." San Juan de la Cruz, not having a watch, never named a specific hour. 

Always easily distracted by the interesting and intriguing -- messages, media, interesting links, blog posts and articles to read, save and share. In short, curiosity leads me astray, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Absent minded too in case one is not enough. 

Yesterday isn't really behind me until the sun comes up

Late night slicers, embrace your inner owl!
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