Monday, March 5, 2018

Slicing the staff of life #sol18

El Almuerzo by Diego Velázquez (Public Domain)

Slicing it one day at a time brings me to day five of Two Writing Teachers' 11th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge (SOLSC). 

Today's life slice is bread: the staff of life, sustenance beyond just  food “bread and butter.” Bread or dough is cash, plain and simple. Breaking bread with others is more than sharing a meal: joining in and sustaining the spirit — a fitting image for the spiritual nourishment of sharing words in a writing community. 

Read more about about bread as a global staff of life and even poetry: Pablo Neruda's "Oda al pan" and César Vallejo's "El pan nuestro" (among others) because "poetry, like bread, is for everyone." (from "Como Tú" by Roque Dalton, translation by Jack Hirschman)


  1. I just read Pablo Neruda's Ode to Bread, thanks to your post, and it was spiritual nourishment indeed.

    1. take a look at his other odes too -- there's an ode to an onion -- and even one to his socks.

  2. ...And baking bread is an experience in itself.

    Thanks for the slice (of Bread) .


  3. so many other metaphors cross -- making, baking, creating, writing. I've been hearing the expression "baked in" a lot, maybe too much. That can make phrase "stale" (another bread connection)