Saturday, March 20, 2021

A brainworm hijacked my mind | #sol21 Day 20

 Tonight is even more down to the wire. Blogger's Russian Roulette, played with clock, keyboard and internet connection. Timed panic writing. My tricky unconscious hid over an hour from. At least I checked in earlier to set up footer, labels and the "#sol21 Day 20" part of the title. 

I had something specific in mind earlier but it's still a jumble and hasn't coalesced enough to use, at least not with any coherence. It's like an idea that once read or mentioned sticks in your mind like an earworm does with piece of a song or melody. Call it a brainworm. Apparently Wikepedia does too. 

But there's difference (in my mind) between an earworm and a brain worm. The earworm or sticky music syndrome is repetitious, like a stuck record. But not the brainworm. It hops around, spreads, sparks more ideas. Yet like cousin earworm it takes over your mind. The earworm is considered a problem and interferes with concentrating on anything else, while the brainworm drives active, productive concentration.  

The last brain was from Tressie McMillan Cottom and so is this one. Too much typing. From now on, it's Tressie for short. Oh, what was it? I don't have time now to write about, although I have spentmost of the day researching and thinking about it. Let's save it for another time, another post -- unless I'm hijacked first by another brainworm. an annual March Slice of Life Challenge (SOLSC) hosted by Two Writing Teachers to encourage teachers-as-writers. 

If you missed the challenge sign up deadline, you can still read, comment, share, and write. Next year go for a 31 Day Slicer badge. 

Stay in touch until then with weekly Tuesday #sol

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