Wednesday, March 3, 2021

One day at a time / #sol21 SOLSC Day 3

Taking it one day at a time, I've reached Day 4. After a 2+ year hiatus from TWT and blogging in general, I declared my intention to blog every day this month. Whether  or not my determination will match my stated intention remains to be seen. Despite years of blogging and other writing behind, The prospect of a writing a blog post a day calls out a swarm of negatives, nouns, verbs and adjectives. I don't know why. It shouldn't and doesn't make sense. I've lost not just my voice but a clear sense of audience, imagined reader. What I do strongly suspect: this is where I need to be.
Today (betwixt and between other content chores), I've been reading and commenting on more extra posts. TWT comment guidelines recommend a writers workshop approach to comments: reinforce what's effective and identify what isn't and offer tips.  I'm going for conversation and reader response to content instead. I even comment on comments. and also keep an eye out for overlooked posts with few or no comments.

Admittedly, extra reading and commenting is part procrastination, not unlike cleaning the closet instead of hitting that dss chapter. There are, however, positives. Listening to other voices, immersing myself in so many blogs, threads and all, and re-acquainted with the community are the most important.

The other positive, an unexpected windfall, is technical -- learning how to use WP Reader features to navigate and manage the SoL 2021 bloggers I'm commenting on and following along with the comment threads or conversations. The Conversation feature (link in left sidebar of Reader) pulls them up on a single page -- very handy. Just remember to follow blogs to add them to the Reader and tick the "follow this conversation" box when you comment. For years I've been adding WP blogs to the Reader without paying the same attention to features as I did on Blogger.

All good preparation...I'm feeling armed, better prepared and more confident than when I started this post.

That's it for today from my corner of the TwoWritingTeachers 14th annual March Slice of Life Story Challenge.  Learn more SOLSC, read today's slices. Stay tuned for more slices tomorrow...

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