Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Random observations | #sol21 Day 9

Morning notes, just to see where reading/commenting on slices and my unconscious take me today. OK call it what it is ~ free writing. 

Writing habits -- what, when, where and how do I habitually write? Mediums, modalities, genres. How has the shift to digital and social platform changed genres, spawned new ones, influenced individual writing practices?

I've already read and comments on today's quota. Comments are flowing better. I created a text file to collect my longer comments. They are a good seed source to grow posts from. Multiple conversations taking off in different directions but weaving back.

TWT slicing website and network as an organic Community of Practice

The annual March Slice of Life Challenge (SOLSC) is hosted by Two Writing Teachers to encourage teachers-as-writers. Registration for this years challenge is closed, but you can still follow, even post, comment and share. Then join next year if you want to. There is also a monthly call for Slices on Tuesdays. You can write then, too

1 comment:

  1. Comment by Carla Michele, harvested from the March 6 Two Writing Teachers page

    I’m sitting in an airport and have attempted several times to post on your page, but it wouldn’t go through (#sigh).

    Luckily, I copied it so I could post below…

    I love this slice. Simple and beautiful in its nature, it’s still so rich with meaning. It captures the essence of writing from one of my favorite vantage points – the collection of ideas. It reminds me much of brainstorming, and yet I’m its finalization, you seem to have amassed many seeds for future blooms.

    Your sentence variation lends itself to a lyrical feel that I think is most pleasant. Thanks for sharing both your insights and ideas for fellow writers on ways of sparking new thoughts. I enjoyed it.

    ~Carla Michelle