Monday, March 1, 2021

Day 1 of SOLSC, #sol21

...almost forgot about today being the day. How's that for an inauspicious start? Factor in that I'm on Mountain Time and haven't sliced since #sol18, barely blogged at all either. This will be a short post -- just enough to show I've got skin in the TWT game. 

Next step, image search. I could pull a slice image from my files but old habits die hard. OT: did you know that "slicing" is also a computing term? The associated images are intriguing too, especially the sliced elephant. I'll save those for later when there's more time. Then there's golf...

Stop slicing the golf ball

This will be my 5th SOLSC. I wasn't going to do it but found myself signing up just a few days ago on a spur of the moment whim. I don't know why, so don't ask. No plans, no themes, no topics in mind yet either. Intro, backstory and condensed catch-up next time. 

For now, good night all (until tomorrow) from Vanessa Vaile, blogging from Yuma, Colorado, on the High Plains,

a late night slicer to the end...

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