Friday, March 19, 2021

UnConferencing #CUjoyride @ThinqStudio | #sol21 Day 19

Today I attended/participated in ThinqStudio's 2021 Unconference subtitled Humanizing Higher Education with Care and Joy. Don't let the HE designation mislead you. Resources, concepts, apps and activities would be if not immediately at home in  classrooms then readily adapted. Everything presented and tried out on the spot was student-centered, mindful and fun! 

I registered because of the keynote speaker Maha Bali whom I've known online for years, from Connective MOOC's we were in together to Virtually Connecting. Plus the description intrigqued me even though I was not familiar with ThinqStudio, a UC Denver independent, cross-disciplinary faculty project

ThinqStudio and their Unconference did not disapoint in its stated intent to "explore the intersections of joy, care, and pedagogy in higher education through keynotes and discussions, participant-generated sessions, and facilitator-led breakout sessions" while "experimenting with digital technologies as tools to use playfully and in support of humanistic goals."

I bundled links for the conference and resource -- still harvesting from session chat notes and Twitter, but here's a preliminary edition with more to come: UnConference, 3/19/2021: links, tools, resources. Best places to start would be with the #CUjoyride hashtag and Padlet (of the same name).

When more appears from Thinquest -- session videos, slides, Julia Durgee's fabulous illustrations of sessions -- I'll update.

Come one, come all: 
Early Birds and Late Night Slicers, Planners and Pantsers, 
Surf-bys, Searchers and other web denizens,
to the Two Writing Teachers March 2021 Slice of Life Challenge (SOLSC).

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