Friday, March 12, 2021

read more blogs | #sol21 Day 12

 When I don't start pre-draft free writing until after dark, it's going to be a real Pantser slice. Today wasn't even that busy, not the way yesterday was. Overall, blog reading aside, the theme of the day was politics. I don't want to write about politics though. Not today. Reading blogs was the best part of my day.

About reading more blog posts, not just #sol21 posts: I read and comment a number SOLSC posts directly from WP Reader where I'm surround by other blogs I've follow but haven't been keeping up with. I started reading just slices and ignoring the rest. That didn't last long. Then I started reading and liking the occasional non-SOLSC post. Today I moved up to commenting on and sharing to posts to Facebook timeline and and other pages according to content. 

Once upon a time I wrote a "Why I blog" post (what blogger hasn't?) but don't remember where I posted it and can't find it now. It was mostly an homage to Andrew Sullivan's classic "Why I blog" (Atlantic, January, 2008) and quoted substantial chunks. 

Lagniappe: 7 ways Andrew Sullivan changed blogging, in the Columbia Journalism Review (CJR), November 2015.

Two Writing Teachers March 2021 Slice of Life Challenge (SOLSC)

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