Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Walking, thinking, writing ~ SOLSC Day 2

Howdy #sol21 slicers and friends. I started a morning draft to get ahead of the game and beat my pantser syndrome, but the draft turned into a clumsy opus of a different color -- not something to tidy up and smooth rough edges for a quick post. Then I turned my attention to other things. By the time my mind turned back this way, dusk was closing. So I went for a walk instead. Until recently, the weather's been too cold most days.

Walking at dusk down Ivy St

Walking is a good for thinking, not so much for remembering musings when I sit back down at the keyboard. Picture taking fits in but recording notes would ruin the walk.

At least "other" included reading blog posts, commenting and wrangling the WP reader. Negotiating SOLSC off two platforms while juggling projects and committments on a handful of other platforms can be a hassle.  

That's it for today, more tomorrow...

Two Writing Teachers host SOL Tuesdays and an annual March Slice of Life Story Challenge (SOLSC). This is the 14th one. During March, the participating SOLSC community writes  and shares daily blog posts, commenting on three or more blog posts by other participants. Read today's (March 2, 2021) blog posts here

 Let them eat (orange slice) cake...and comment

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