Monday, March 15, 2021

voter redistricting and aging mastery | #sol21 Day 15

Only just now getting to slicing. Yikes! After morning news and skimming email, the rest of today has been state and local. As part of the former, I watched a Colorado Independent Redistricting Commissions initial meeting that lasted over three hours -- twice a long as I expected but also vastly more engaging than expected.

 Our local group is interested in redistricting and would like to be involved in the process. Somebody's got to hit the cyber and bring home the info. Colorado is experimenting with increased non-partisan, including unaffiliated voters, participation in the actual process. Well, there's not enough time to go into detail now. Slicing fodder for another time.

Then this landed in my email inbox, 

 Hello Karen,

I think she would be great for your program! Her name is Vanessa Vaile and I CC’d her on this email. Thank you for reaching out!

Berenice, Rural Community Resource Center (Yuma CO)

While you have been having zoom meetings there was a lady in your meeting who lives in assisted living in Yuma and called herself an “informationista”. She loves to gather and share information with others. We were enchanted by her and think she would really like being involved in our Aging Mastery Program which begins March 18th and ends June 17th in collaboration with Joy Akey, Gisele Jefferson and McKayla Stephen. 


Do you have contact information for her?  I don’t recall her name.  We are going to deliver the class in a hybrid fashion with an in-person option or an online option for all participants.  She could easily register, but remain in her facility and take part.  She obviously has computer equipment and the ability to operate it. 

 Thanks for hopefully making a connection between us and her! 

I sent a "reply all"

Yes! Absolutely delighted to accept your invitation to be involved in NE Regional Engagement Center's Aging Mastery Program. I assume this follows the NCOA program.

Thank you Berenice for connecting us...

Vanessa Vaile
Apt 134, High Plains Manor, 799 W. 3rd Ave, Yuma 80759 
On Facebook at Vanessa Vaile, on Twitter at @VanessaVaile  

Event and activity sign-ups ask for job titles. So I enter Guerrilla Informationist or Guerrilla Educationist. A few years back I used Digital Gadfly and Free Range (or Stealth) Educator. I like Informationista; it has a certain ring to it.

and see what today’s slicers are up to!

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