Monday, March 22, 2021

Coffee, Tea and We | #sol21 Day 22

Early on I try to catch fleeting morning thoughts in words on 750 Words before they fade from accurate recall. Then reading and watching news, skimming mail -- more note taking along the way -- interspersed with media hopping across Facebook and Twitter to check notices, look in on pages and upate on the fly...

 My Zoom day started with "Coffee, Tea and We," a weekly discussion group for "seasoned adults" hosted by CSU's Northeast Regional Engagment Center (Sterling). The center remained closed and classes canceled without no clear end in sight. By November, everybody decided it was time the  got back together online, no lectures this time, just convivial conversation. 

I've been on the mailing list for a while getting notices, but this was my first meeting. Karen Ramey-Torres, the local Yuma coordinator had been in touch and gave me a nudge. I'm glad I went and look forward to the next one. Copacetic. To be honest, I'd often felt awkward and out of place at organized Manor socials, a thing of the past until sometime in the indefinite future. 

My first new local connection in over a year. It was about time. And worth waiting for... 

and read what today’s slicers are writing!

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