Friday, March 26, 2021

Short, late and an un-birthday surprise | #sol21 Day 26

Of course, late but not due to procrastination or a writing block this time. I was on the phone with my son who recently moved to from Denver, Colorado, to the outskirts of Springfield MO with wife, guide dog and parrots. Boone has big yard, Sandra has a sewing room and even the birds have a room of their own. There's more space for everyone inside and out and rooms for guests.

Anyway, my daughter had mentioned that my microwave had died and I was thinking about getting a toaster oven instead. So Chuck called to tell me he had ordered me a Ninja Foodi 7-in-1 (compact pressure cooker and air fryer). It should arrive tomorrow. Not my birthday, so call it an unbirthday surprise.

...and a welcome one even if I had no idea what a Ninja Foodi was or even looked like. Thank you, Google. I'd been looking for a small low-end toaster oven. Thank you, Chuck. Another plus ~ I'll have more counter space in my very small kitchen. Good bye dead microwave, thrift store crock pot and toaster.

Look for the #sol21 tag on blog posts (and tweets) marking participants in this year's blogging  challenges from Two Writing Teachers/ This month, it's SOLSC, the annual March 31 day writing streak. Keep up and stay connected after (and until next March) with #SoL Tuesdays. Read more posts by taday's slicers here. Commenting and sharing encouraged and appreciated.

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