Sunday, March 21, 2021

Single sentence or six word story? | #sol21 Day 21

...Or both?  That is the question. 

A quiet Sunday at home in Yuma started with morning coffee milk over email and news back on oxygen after morning routine (CPAP equipment, morning meds, cat demands) off oxygen, moved on to writing (daily log, emails, other posts), lunch (more meds), cleaning apartment (upcoming HUD inspection), taking out trash/cleaning debris, walking, reading, annotating links to save, taking notes until supper time, evening meds and continuing to procrastinate until  now.

Tomorrow feels like the same day.

Give or take a few zooms...

Come one, come all: 

Early Birds and Late Night Slicers, Planners and Pantsers, 

to the Two Writing Teachers March 2021 Slice of Life Challenge (SOLSC). 

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