Wednesday, March 17, 2021

slàinte mhaith but I'm Welsh so Iechyd da—enjoy the mural with lime slices | #sol21 Day 17

Check out the lime slices image in Slice of Life acknowledgment footer ~ green slices for St Paddy's Day (what the Irish call it). When I last checked, there were six slices about the holiday, more expected before posting deadline. Why the title? As a natural contrarian, I avoid wearing green on March 17 because it's expected. When chided about or asked why not, I'd reply, "I'm Welsh not Irish." Both, however, boast epics featuring cattle. Celtic rustlers, which, in turn reminds me of Desmond Kinsey's great mosiac mural (below) depicting the events of Táin bó Cuailnge (The Great Cattle Raid of Cooley). 

Setanta or Tain Wall, Dublin mosaic mural by Desmond Kinney, photo © Richard Marsh

So why am I writing about the Irish cattle caper instead of the Welsh one in the Mabinogion? Because today is not not St David's Day. Besides, I have blogging history with this mural.

Part of my morning routine checking email and news includes watching for page content. Since St Patrick's celebrations are news today, I checked for local mentions, not necessarily expecting any in Yuma. The only mentions were flower shops and one niche designer store advertising merch. Denver surprised me. I knew there would be a parade but didn't know that Denver has the largest St Patrick's Day Parade west of the Mississippi and the Irish, a rich if stormy history in Colorado. 

About the lime slices, I did find one image of a lime slice with a clover sprig but it was four leaf not three. I do like changing slice images but not enough to photo shop a three leaf clover onto a lime slice. 

Happy St Patrick's Day ~ Lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhaiobh

and see what today’s slicers are up to!

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