Thursday, March 4, 2021

Where did the lost hours go? | Day 4 of SOLSC #sol21

 I was going to start an early morning draft (to have it hanging over my head as reminder and digital Sword of Damocles...). It's closing in on 4 pm now, and I have a 4:30 pm Zoom meeting. 

Moments of Lost Time*, mixed media engraving, by Salvador Dali

Where did the lost hours go? On morning news, making a few posts (elsewhere) and checking email, sending to folders, answering some, flagging others, forwarding and sharing. Of course, a bunch went to reading and commenting on blogs, working out best sharing and tracking practices for other platforms -- with a few side trips to non-slicer posts along the way. 

Were those hours really lost? What do we mean by lost?  Does lost mean they could be found again? Not without a T.A.R.D.I.S. Does it mean wasted? Not necessarily; hours lost to one purpose were not wasted, just spent on another.

What else did I miss besides an early and possibly pointless start on blogging? I missed an educator and futurist friend's weekly Forum on Future Trends in Education (#FTTE), paperwork due tomorrow and a phone call. I didn't miss a walk because it was raining all day.

Perhaps tomorrow I'll find more hours or lose fewer....

*I bet you were expecting "The Persistence of Memory."

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