Saturday, March 6, 2021

Today is a good day for poetry | #sol21 Day 6

 Every day is a good day to read poetry. Today is my day to blog about it. I didn't plan it that way and won't be writing any...not yet anyway. It started early this morning when I shared a link from email to my Poets & Writers Picnic Facebook page. Then the very first slices I read today were poems. Surely a sign...if not, I'll run with it anyway and see where it takes me.

John Keats reading, by Joseph Severn

And then I read more slice poetry, strapped on my oxygen backpack and walked a mile before dark.  Returning tired (exertion does that) I rested before supper and reading more, commenting as I went. Now it's time wrap up and post. That's where it took me today. Sorry, no meaningful poetry appreciation epiphany stories or using poetry in teaching stories. I have those for poetry in at least three languages. 

 This slice was brought to you by 

Two Writing Teachers March 2021 Slice of Life Challenge

Adios and happy slicing to you until we meet again.

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