Sunday, March 14, 2021

Pi Day, poetry and a late winter storm | #sol21 Day 14

Happy Pi Day and staying indoors day to keep warm and stay out of the miserable weather. Unlike other Colorado slicers posting today from Denver and Front Range, yes, we have no blizzard in Yuma today -- no power outages either. Mixed rain and sleet instead of photogenic snowy white vistas. Better to stay in and eat pie. After all, today is Pi Day. 

OK so I didn't eat pie (too cold and rainy to walk out to get some) so I just looked at pictures of pies. There are probably pie videos on YouTube too.

By early afternoon, I have read a few blogs made a few comments; by evening more of both. With so many slicers writing poems on daily slices,  I've reading more poetry this month than usually -- good prep for April and National Poetry. I don't expect to be writing any but do plan to read more and share a lot.

Coming attractions
March 16, is SOLSC hump day.
 I promise a video and a special slice image, 
no guarantee of accompanying words...

Happy Pi Day
also Day 14 of 14th annual SOLSC! 
and see what slicers are up to!

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