Saturday, March 27, 2021

On a decluttering deadline too | #sol21 Day 27

 March 31 isn't just the last slice, it's also the looming deadline for a Manor HUD inspection announced without much notice. I've been picking away but not vigorously enough for the task at hand -- feeling anxiety now. I've read the HUD guidelines and know that it's not a military inspection. The emphasis is on safe and healthy, but I but still feel anxious. I'm on oxygen and supposed to avoid tiring  -- stress too -- but tire easily. So I work in short sets.  

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Slideshow snagged from an AARP article is a fair repesentation although my apartment is much smaller

Decluttering is the biggie, best done gradually, which I don't have time for now. I knew there were decluttering, books, articles, videos, even courses and more but didn't realize is that it's a genre and a whole industry. There's "mindful decluttering." A comparison to writing advises, "think of it as an invitation to write your story.

No thank you. This is how I'd rather be writing my story. I'll be avoiding the articles too -- sure fire anxiety generators. On a possibly brighter side, it's a distraction from worrying about what I'm going to write about.


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