Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Penultimate slice, blogging on, places along the way etc | #sol21 Day 30

Welcome to the penultimate post. By tomorrow I may even have a handle on a workable post-challenge daily blogging routine, hopefully one I can adapt for a reasonably consisting blogging routine.

from ITV video about Egypt's new capital

On my radar (not to mention inbox and social media feeds): places along the way, highered austerity/academic labor disaster porn and the post-pandemic rolls on). As you can see from the pictures, I'm going for door one. From Giza, Egypt to Quarai NM...old stones. 

aerial view of Quarai ruins

Blogging on, minor modifications aside, I remain a late night slicer, channeling my inner night owl, battered as it by age. Setting up the day's draft with partial title (| #sol21 Day _), basic labels and footer in the morning saves time come the pre-deadline rush. Sometimes I have enough early notes to work with, other About TWT advice to late night slicers: TY and very sound but no one following it is a true Pantser challenging their inner owl. 

Wrapping up, TWT seeks SOLSC 2021 feedback... questions include "How many years have you participated in the March SOLSC?" and "How has participation in the Slice of Life Story Challenge impacted you as a writer (and/or teacher of writers)? 

Tomorrow, SOLC 2021's last slice. Bring on the graphic


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