Sunday, March 28, 2021

lost my morning idea, then found it and the rest of Sunday | #sol21 Day 28

 What was I thinking about this morning anyway? Serves me right for not starting when it was fresh in my still morning fresh mind, not yet pushed out of the way by competing distractions. According to notes in my daily 750 Words log, media was on my mind:

alt & mainstream media, filter bubbles, confirmation bias -- run with it for today's slice and share selected items on Facebook

That led to link bundles titled "Media spaces: filter bubbles, echo chambers and confirmation bias" and "Information & Misinformation in the Time of Covid."  Then came a few Facebook posts.

Another longish post emerged out of another link shared from the morning idea bundles but I can't find it now. 

In between media stuff, I managed a few more "short sets" of cleaning, decluttering, trash bagging and hauling three utility cart loads to the nearest Manor bin. Come afternoon I took a longer than usual afternoon walk. The day was sunny and the usual shifting 20+ mph North winds were taking the day off. I checked pantry shelves reading labels for items to add to the higher sodium items in the monthly Senior Box, loaded the cart again and headed out to deliver them to the 24 hour pantry off Main St.

The trees haven't started budding yet, so this what the Manor grounds look like. 

And so went another Sunday at the Manor in Yuma, Colorado


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